Blues Guitar Lessons

Before you is version 2.0 of "Swing & Jump Blues", my humble take on what this music is about.
I have collected this material over the last decade and it attempts to define the different ways of accompanying and soloing in a blues setting.

It got to see the light because I got tired.
Tired of looking for a good book that would accurately describe this music.
Tired of listening to hundreds of "guitar players" I've heard at sessions or had the dubious pleasure of playing with mindlessly race up and down the minor pentatonic scale.
Tired of saying: "Don't you HEAR the major third: is there a reason why you don't PLAY it?"

And it was born out of love for this music. A type of music that does not need to be studied like jazz, has the power of the blues and brings a positive, upbeat feel to it.
I'm sure a lot in this book/cd/website needs to be refined, adjusted, thrown out, added, etc.

I hope you will be kind and look at this material as an honest attempt to open up Swing & Jump to a larger audience of guitar players. Not out of a religious "this is the only way to play it" but out of "I love this music, take what you like, it's yours, too".

Matthieu Brandt

December 1997 / November 2004 / March 2009
Last update : march 2009

I owe a lot to the following guitarists and music lovers for their comments on the 1st version of this book/website. Without them this project would've been senseless and a lot less fun. Thanx!

Bas Flesseman
Ray Nijenhuis
Frits Verheij
Enrico Crivellaro
Volker Klenner

David Hamburger
Jack Starkey
Rick Holmstrom
Jaap Abrahams
Richard van Bergen

My Teachers:

Ronnie Earl
Bruce Katz
Rod Carey
Per Hanson
Duke Robillard
Robben Ford
Jimmy Rogers
Roy Bookbinder
Kelly Joe Phelps
Steve James
Paul Rishell
Harry Jacobson
Kenny Neal
Gary Lucas
Laurence Jubert
Bob Brozman
Dave Hamburger
Matt Smith
Kirby Kelly
Martin Hutchinson
Martin Simpson
Ton van Bergeijk
Bernard Reinke
Adam Larrabee (NEC
Rudolf Eeken
Harry de Groot (drums)
Leata van Amesfoort (piano)
George Whitmore (saxofoon)
Freddie Cavalli (himself)
Theo Lissenberg (banjo)
Heleen Karsdorp (vocals)
Brent Barlow (vocals)
Dave Massey (harp, he really tried)
Berklee School of Music
Acoustic Guitar Workshop