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All the examples from the "Accompaniment or Solo?" and "Move from Chord to Chord" can be used in a so-called "Special Chorus".

This is a part of a song that is composed, where everybody plays a specific rhythm or solo riff. It is a very powerful effect to use.
Even if it's just you, a drummer and a bass player you can pull this off. Synchronize a rhythm pattern with them through a certain chain of chords or melody lines and dazzle the girls.

If your band has horns, great! Let them answer the chord groove you play. Work with offbeat accents and make it sound tight.

Special Chorus Ex 1 - CD 51   (mp3 click here : )

TAB Special Chorus Ex 01

Play this one with power. It uses three note chords in the key of G and has a bluesy feel.
Make the audience feel the last accent. This Special Chorus is similar to one used in Ronnie Earl's "Kathy's theme".

Special Chorus Ex 2 - CD 52

TAB Special Chorus Ex 02

A Special Chorus is played loud and in your face. To give it even more attention, you can also change the chord progression. Instead of sticking with the blues form you can add a couple of bars. Play the riff in the first two bars of example 2 three times, end with the chord in bar 3 and play a fill in the rest of bars 3 and 4. Continue with bar 5 of a regular blues (the IV chord).

You need to push up the three note chord you're playing in the beginning of bar 1. Don't push all the notes up a whole fret (good luck to you), just a little tension will give you the blues.

For a great Special Chorus listen to "The Hustle is On" and "Strolling with Bones" by T-Bone Walker. Every chorus is right on the money. "Okie Dokie Stomp" by Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown is another good example as is "Lowdown Dog" by Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers.

Special Chorus Ex 3 - CD 53

TAB Special Chorus Ex 03

A "dimchord" is a chord that consists of four equally spaced b3 intervals. Moving up 3 frets gives you the exact same chord with the notes in a different order. You can do this again and again, up and down the neck. Great for effects. This special chorus ends on a G9 chord and keeps 1/2 bars of the 4 bar phrase open for an answer solo riff.

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