Solo 7

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Solo 7 - CD 67

TAB Solo 7

The 3rd Blues Position is one of B.B King's favourites. He likes it because you can play around with the 2, b3 and #3 of the scale real easily. Put your index finger on the G on the 2nd string and you ring finger two frets up. By bending that last note half a tone up you get the b3; a whole tone gives you a #3.

Albert King used these positions to bend the notes even further, playing a 4 and sometimes even a flat 5 in the scale. The 6th of the scale is easily accessible too; one fret and one string up from where your index finger is. We've got blues and mixolydian right under our fingertips!

The type of lick we play in bars 5 and 6 is a Texas/Chicago style blues lick that has found its way into swing. You'll find it on albums of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Rogers and swing players like Duke Robillard.

Bars 8 & 9 give us a new Standard Riff Position; play the tonic with your ring finger on the second fret and slide to the major 3rd with your index finger.

Accompaniment: R.J. Lockwood Chord Riffs Example 5

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