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I realise that juggling a keyboard, computer screen, mouse and a guitar at the same time can be challenging.
For this reason I've also created a few downloadable files.

They can be purchased for only $ 29.95 .

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Over the years I've bought A LOT of guitar method books (I mean a few hundred).
Most books are 10 percent brilliant, 20 percent okay and 70 percent pure crap.

With this website you get to test drive almost the whole book/audio BEFORE you decide
if you like it enough to download it.

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This is what some other swing & jump blues
lovers said about

Hi Matt,

I recently downloaded your SwingJump E-book and mp3 files.
I stated at the time it was one of the best web pages I have ever seen.
Well, after a few days of looking it over I have to tell you, I was WRONG.
It is by far THE VERY BEST I have never seen.
And this is after years of web browsing.
Never have I seen a collection of material that is so consise, effective, logical and comprehensive in teaching this style of playing.
It is grossly underpriced for the value received.
My hat is off to you Matt. You have performed a real service for your fellow guitar players.

Congratulations and thanks.


dated: 3-12-2003
Hey Matt

Thanks !!!!!! your site / book is just great, it's so clear, thorough, precise and to the point -- and perfect for me as I'm at the point where the pentatonic and blues scales alone seems... you said it already.

Your Student in Lapland, Finland

Sami Parkkinen

dated : 25-1-2004

From: Rqabilly Willy

I'm sure you've heard this ad nauseum, but thanks for taking the time to put all of this information together. I applied some of your given technique here for jazz sessions with friends. Blue skies and green lights.

dated: 6-1-2003

From: Michael Quest http://cdbaby/michaelquest [

Hey Man, I like your site...even us pros need some new lessons once in a while...
I teach also and find your sight easy to use...good job.

dated : 25-1-2003

From: mike

excellent site... had been learning slowly, uninspired to overcome laziness that comes with not affording an instructor. i stumbled upon your site due to new dedication to working hard at mastering guitar.
thanks you for the VERY GENEROUS collection of free lessons that are rare to find at all.
i expect to visit amsterdam and the surrounding countryside by next year, hope to meet you then.

dated : 13-9-2003

From: Blue Attitude []

Outstanding site! This is the best site I have ever seen, or for that matter the best instruction material I have seen, for learning this type of material. I have added a link to your site from mine, hope you don't mind :) Cheers, ~Dave

dated : 17-9-2002

From: Joe Kon

My learning curve has flatlined a couple years ago, and I get bored playing the same stuff for th past few years...
I just stumbled across your website. and after browsing through some pages, I've already found a few answers to questions I have pondered over for quite some time.
Great website with very useful information.. THanks alot.

dated: 15-5-2002

From: Crasher4158

Nice Job!
This is a great site to learn if you even just have a little bit of theory knowledge and are not one of the "naturals" who don't need to have anything written down.
Well laid out and very detailed. Thanks for making everything so accessible.

You really put a lot of work into this.

dated : 6-5-2002

From: Ed http:// []

This site was recommended by someone on the Fender Discussion Page. Good stuff! I'm glad I found it.

dated : 2-5-2003

From: Stefan Leonhardt http:// []
Date: Sun Dec 24 13:20:37 2000

I came to this site through your message on Wholenote and I'll probably spend Christmas in front of my computer, studying all these fantastic materials - my wife is not pleased!
But honestly, this is a great project and thank you very much for providing this information !
I think I'll be busy for the holidays ... now where's my semiacoustic Gibson?

dated : 24-12-2000

From: Phillip Saunders http:// []

I have spent several hours going over this whole site and can say it is an exceptional piece of work and I would particularly praise the clarity of the tuition.
What a fantastic resource.
Well done Matthieu I hope this brings you good things in the future.

dated : 30-12-2000

Blues Guitar Lessons


Please got to 'About the Author' to see if i'm any good as a player :-)
Or go to for my Solo CD (includes clips).

I have written this book and recorded this material in the fall of 1997 after gathering it from albums, courses and by playing in bands for years.
It has been laying around gathering dust and people kept bugging me about it. Fellow players and teachers who had been using home-made copies of it, thought it was as good (if not better) than most of the stuff out there.

This website was created while I was suffering from an inflamed tedon in my hand; I couldn't play, so I decided to put the book on the web.
The web is not an ideal way of distributing a book/cd. But for me it's the easiest, cheapest and fastest.

I've zipped these files (except the MP3's) , because they get smaller and you can download all text files/audio files in one batch.
I used WinZip 8.0 to compress the files.
Mind you: these are BIG files, because it's a lot of material.
The Word document is the full monty; layed-out and all.
The TXT version is just the straight ahead text; you have to also download the graphics.
All TXT files and TIFF files are numbered and in the order they are used in the book.
Same with the real-audio files.

If you like it, email me sometime:
If you have comments, please do the same.
And if you have some time to spare, check out my site at

Good luck and have fun with it.

Matthieu Brandt
November 2010

Please note:
English is not my native tongue.
I'm Dutch, I live and play music in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. And although I have spent a lot of time in the US (played Harvard Square, lived in Boston and in California) you might find spelling mistakes etc. in this website. My appologies.

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Band in a Box
(accompaniment audio; band was too expensive, sorry for their non-swing timing)

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Shure Beta 87
Telecaster Thinline '69 (original)
Fender Blues DeVille (4x10)
Dell Dimension XPS333

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Drop me an email and if you're story's good I will remove it.

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