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Gatemouth Brown :
Okie Dokie Stomp A library of Licks, Move From Chord To Chord Ex. 6
Homespun Tapes Gatemouth teaching Gatemouth

Freddie King :
Hide Away Mixolydian Beauty, Follow those chords
The Stumble Great chord solo
San-Ho-Zay Go to Freddie for licks

Kenny Burell:
Montono Blues
Intervals and Accompaniment licks
Chitlins Con Carne Swing Blues Beauty
Mule Blues or Jazz, who cares, this is beautiful
Wavy Gravy Minor Pentatonic over three chords

Louis Jordan:
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Bass lines Ex.1 and Great horn fills
Saturday Night Fish Fry Play those Piano fills

B.B. King:
How Blue Can You Get? Third Blues Position Mixolydian

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