Swing timing is based on a triplet feel.
Every beat is divided into three equal parts.

You can count them as

1 2 3 4 1
And A And A And A And A




In swing you leave out all the “And’s” but keep the same timing.

1 2 3 4 1

Note that this is not an even division of the beat.
The A’s are closer to the next beat than you would play/sing in a straight feel.

The exact timing of the A’s can vary.
You can play them closer to the next beat (and play them like you would in a funky feel) or play them earlier.

In a Swing, Jump or Rock & Roll band the drummer sets the timing.

The combination bass drum and hi-hat tells you where the beat is.

The bass player can be right on top of the beat or slightly late.
This ‘laid back’ timing can really make the music swing.

As a guitar player, you have to be in the groove or set your own groove.

Variations in timing will give your music extra tension.

Timing late will make your rhythm and solo sound lazy and relaxed.
The closer you time to the beat, the tighter it sounds.