Now what’s all the fuss about this Mixolydian scale?
One extra scale, a couple of extra notes, no big deal, right?

Well, yes and no.
If you use this scale on the I chord, you’ll sound just fine.

If you use it on the other chords and stick to that mixolydian scale, you’ll be hitting a home run from the bullpen.  You’ll think you did great, your fellow players will frown, the audience will think you’ve gone berserk.
And the coach? He’ll be serving you a pink slip after the game.

You have got to move with the chords!

The big difference between playing a regular Blues scale through a blues chord progression and using a Mixolydian scale is that you can’t stick to one scale.

Once you’ve moved to the IV and the V chord, you’ve gotta change to those specific Mixolydian scales!

So in a G7 blues with C7 and D7 you play:

G mix G A B C D E F G
C mix C D E F G A Bb C
D mix D E F# G A B C D




Or written differently:

G mix G A B C D E F G
C mix G A Bb C D E F G
D mix G A B C D E F# G