Swing & Jump Blues Guitar

Version 2.0 is Here:
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Jump The Blues Away.

Jump Blues Version 2.0

Chord Cookbook

A Total of 3 E-Books !

With Bonus Book : The Chord Cookbook Compendium
A Comprehensive Reference Library with a
New Approach To Chords, Chord Tricks and Chord Systems.


Howdy Partner,

March 2014; version 2.0 of the Swing and Jump Blues Guitar
E-book / mp3 's is out at a reduced price for a limited time only!

This includes:
Version 1.0 = 62 pages / 82 mp3's
Version 2.0 = 30 pages / 14 mp3's
And 'The Chord Cookbook' Bonus E-Book (100 pages).

This site is the result of a whole lotta years of playing, three years of collecting,
six months of writing and three months of web designing.

The only rule: 'There are no rules.'
Ronnie Earl: 'Music is not a sport, there's no competition'

Happy Playing!

2014 Matthieu Brandt

Examples from the book :

Sample Jump Blues (pdf)

Sample Version 2.0 (pdf)

Sample Chord Cookbook (pdf)

Sample Version 2.0 (pdf)

PowerTab Brian Setzer Solo
Audio Examples:

Brian Setzer Style Solo  
Charlie Christian Style Solo  
Freddie King Style Solo  
T-Bone Walker Style Solo  

Full Jump Blues Solo  

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After having worked with the material for a number of years I decided to write a load of extra material to complete the course.
Aside from all the material on this website (62 page book/82 mp3's), the extra package contains:

- An additional book of 30 pages with solo's in the style of
  Brian Setzer (2x), T-Bone Walker (2x), Freddie King (2x) and
  Charlie Christian (2x plus a big chapter on Charlie's solo principles)

- A comprehesive style analysis of these players and their influence on Jump Blues

- An additional theoretical explanation of II-V-I progressions, major pentatonics and straight time
feel and the use of these principles in Jump Blues with examples

- All examples of Version 1.3 and the Extra Package 2.0 in PowerTabs ! (that's over 100 tabs) ***

- A full cd worth of mp3's with up tempo music-minus-one, so you can solo and improvise in the Jump Blues style with a backing track.

Want a taste of what you'll get: click here !